Child Bite, "Fantastic Gusts of Blood" CD

Full color 6 panel DigiPak

For the "Fantastic Gusts of Blood" album art I enlisted the illustration skills of my friend Dan DeMaggio. While he was busy cranking out over 100 drawings based on the album's lyrics (which are based on mythological stories from around the world), I was scanning and arranging said drawings into compositions as well as coloring the final layouts. This project had a lot of moving parts, from old standards like stickers and shirts to more unusual items like plush dolls and foam hands.

CD package interior w/ disc

CD package exterior

Detail of interior

Detail of disc

Adorable plush dolls by Kathy Meloy

Buttons and sticker

Foam hand! Given away to the first 100 attendees of the CD release show

Natural t-shirt

Black t-shirt

Lower half of 2 color screen printed CD release show poster

Detail of poster