Child Bite, "Gold Thriller" CD

2 color screen printed package w/ 4 panel insert

This one merges intricate typography, cartoonish illustration and photographic elements, which can be a tall order but turned out to be a lot of fun. I liked the idea of coming up with an interesting logo type, but never using it as a focus on the art but rather a background pattern. I imagined a gold thriller to be a living gold tooth, with a "baby Jesus" expression on his face. Kind of like when baby Simba was held up high by Rafiki atop Pride Rock. Notice that he's the only gold one; the things that are usually gold/yellow (banana and lightbulb) are orange now, and are bearing the opposite expression of our toothy friend.

Back of CD package

Interior w/ disc

Inside of insert

Detail of track listing on back of package

Detail of interior

Another detail of interior

T-shirt design