Shawn Knight's Biography

Aside from middle school sketches of the Grim Reaper & buxom blondes engaged in various sexual acts, Shawn Knight's first foray into the graphic arts came a couple years later in the form of high school band flyers. This was before he had access to a scanner, so imagine the excitement when he discovered the ability to print text onto transparency at Kinko's and then lay it on top of a background photo or illustration to make copies from. It looked so pro!

At Detroit's esteemed College for Creative Studies (CCS), Shawn learned his sense of craft & forward thinking from his instructors and his sense of community & competition from his colleagues. Suddenly the idea of making something "look cool" became insignificant compared to the challenge of making something "make sense." It's at this point that he developed his collage aesthetic; a way in which he attempts to minimize deception and maximize integrity in his work. He continues to strive for these ideals now, though sometimes he accidentally just makes stuff look cool and feels bad about it later.

Press (Interviews, Articles, Annuals, ect.)

Pinky Blaster in the news

October 12, 2010

Alarm Press Feature

An interview-turn-feature focusing on my latest round of posters.

December 15, 2009

Perfect Laughter Feature

A nice review of my first batch of posters.

June 25, 2008

Metro Times Interview

Metro Times did a feature on poster designers in Detroit, and I happened to be one of them.