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Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Poster Action Continues

As you can see, I've switched everything over from Pinky Blaster to Shawn K. Knight. How grown up and professional, huh? I'm continuing to add new work to my etsy store, and will also be a part of a few craft fairs this year again. The biggie coming up is Flatstock in Austin this March. It takes place during the SXSW insanity, and I'll be sharing my booth with fellow Metro Detroit poster madmen The Silent Giants. Swing by and say hi if you're there!

I've made a new etsy store to reflect the name change (silly site won't let you change it), so for previous work check out the old Pinky Blaster store and for new stuff just click the STORE button at the top of this page. By May I will have the old store officially closed and select items switched over to the SKK one.


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